WVA is uniquely positioned to help travel companies build
winning video campaigns.

 Through Our Leading video Network, Woooshii.com. We have created thousands of videos for clients In Every Corner of the globe.


Any Video. Anywhere.

The WVA model means we can produce any style of video in any part of the world. You name it. We can deliver it! 

WVA taps into Wooshii, our sister company's, global network of video and animation talent. It means we can deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it. 

We ensure that regardless of the volume and the nature of your videos, quality is never compromised. 


Trusted Quality

Over the last seven years WVA has curated the best of the Wooshii network. This top tier of Directors and Creators allow us to deliver world class ads. From major airlines such as British Airways to tour operators like Club Med, WVA is helping to build brands through video.

Our internal creative service teams can work with you to formulate, strategy, scripts and campaigns. The production teams will then match the vision with the best matched creators and teams.


The Easiest Productions

WVA removes the hassle and pain of running your video projects. Our in-house project managers can run every aspect of your production. From organising shoots in multiple locations to enforcing visual standard. 

Leave our project managers have years of experience and you can rely on them to;

  • Deliver scripts, style guides, storyboards
  • Source the talent and run production schedules
  • Take care of legal needs
  • Deliver the right files when you need them
  • Ensure schedules and budgets are adhered to
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Make Your Mark!

WVA is focussed on making your video campaign both an internal and external success. We will help you create campaigns that will drive business results and garner praise from peers and colleagues.