Thermofisher Scientific is a global B2B enterprise and a market leader in its field of scientific research. They need a multitude of diverse videos marketing a huge variety of products and brands spanning dozens of countries. Wooshii is integral to Thermofisher’s global video output, adding the extra layer of video production to their company.

"Thermo Fisher have managed to build a hugely successful video operation thanks to Wooshii. We are outputting hundreds of videos a year and Wooshii just make it all so easy."

Andrew Green, Global Marketing Development Leader

"The video was a big hit!! The reps loved it as did senior leadership!  Hard to get both groups equally excited, but we did it : )
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work – the video turned out incredible!"

Sunshine Mackarow, Sr. Market Development Manager


Despite a niche target market, their YouTube Page has 22,000+ subscribers and just under 13 million combined views. Virtually all of the ‘Most Popular’ uploads were created by WVA, including videos with over half a million views. This popularity is testament to the standard of videos WVA produces for Thermofisher. The content ranges from entertainment to educational, product launches to how-to videos, customer/employee testimonials to scientific research and much more.

Innovative Content

Producing hundreds of videos alone can be a challenge for many companies. With Thermo Fisher, each video must also be original and creative. They require creative engagement with their niche audience through the content they produce. The innovative videos Wooshii produces cement Thermo Fisher as a hub for original content. This marks Thermo Fisher above its competitors in the industry as a creative brand.


As a company who have invested heavily in video, Thermo Fisher needs a constant flow of content. Wooshii consistently produces hundreds of videos for the company on a yearly basis. We are able to match the huge scale of Thermo Fisher Scientific's global brand reach.


Being a multinational enterprise, Thermo Fisher works with Wooshii around the world. We are able to tap into our worldwide network of video makers and meet Thermo Fisher's global needs. We have produced content for Thermo Fisher everywhere from California to Stockholm to Pretoria.