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Thomas Cook, founder and namesake of one of today’s best-known travel brands, described himself as ‘the willing and devoted servant of the travelling public.’

We delivered multiple destination videos in just 5 weeks, and within a limited budget. The destinations were represented in the best light possible and the success of this project marked the beginning of an exciting collaboration with Thomas Cook.

The Process

Our Baptism Of Fire

We had never worked with Thomas Cook before and they had been doing video for years. Our first project with them was to create destination videos for Majorca, Zante and Mexico. With these 3 destination videos, Thomas Cook wanted to test our ability to deliver quality videos on time and on budget, in separate locations and with limited intervention from their part. With talented creators in 130+ countries worldwide, we were pretty confident that we could deliver. So we rose to the challenge!

What’s Next?

Thomas Cook hired us to produce 9 more destination videos but this time we were told to add extra cast to the mix. We are now helping them plan their 2018 content calendar where we will help them produce a wide range of videos across their social platforms.

The result

Multiple destination videos delivered within a 5-week time frame and within a limited budget. Our in-house producers did extensive planning to ensure that all of the activities that we wanted to shoot in the destinations were planned for and were represented in the best light possible. This was key to the success of the videos as we needed to get shots of areas that would inspire you to go there.

“I absolutely love this. I particularly love the train sequence as it’s something I’ve not seen us promote before – great work! Working with Wooshii has been great and you’ve really captured the pace and spirit of a ‘Why I love…’ video.”
Natalie Spires, Creative Content and Traffic Manager

Other work

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