Qatar Airways
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Qatar Airways

Our Work

Qatar Airways needed a range of different videos across 30 territories: These included 360 videos, a drone shots, landscape videos and portrait and vertical versions, plus two panoramic stings - per location. They needed the footage to be raw and immersive.

The Process

A dedicated lead producer ran the entire operation for Qatar. This ensured quality and consistency across all the geographies, teams and shots.
A master video spec, (video style guide) was developed and then circulated across over 40 local crews.

The Wooshii producer ensured that:

  • All licences (especially for drone footage was acquired)
  • Schedules and shoot days were booked along with any access requirements
  • The same equipment was used across crews to ensure a consistency of shot

Once footage was received the producer then central controlled all the final editing and grading of all the shots for final delivery to Qatar Airways.

Other work

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