Event, Internal communications


The goal was to capture the spirit and goals of the Go-To-Market programme for internal morale and external awareness, The content captured would be interviews and footage of a one day event in Seattle.



Our Work

Wooshii tapped into its creative network to hire a creative team, local to Seattle. And then utilized our in-house post production team to produce all of the deliverables for the client.

The Process

The process began with a full brief from the client who explained what they wanted to take from this 1-day event. We then hired a 2-person crew who attended the event in Seattle, capturing over 15 interviews, as well as b-roll of activities throughout the day. This RAW footage was then brought in house to our team in Lithuania who produced over 20 final videos to be shared across social media.

“ Really great super responsive. Really liked the team. Rest of the GTM team at MSFT loves the content. We felt bad we didn’t give too much guidance - Wooshii put it together really well - with instinctive knowledge. It looked great too, not just the content “

Microsoft Team

Other work

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