Live Videos
for Your Business

Communicate with Video

Live video has the ability to command attention and is commonly used by companies to stream live events, give updates, deliver the news and broadcast activities across a television network and the digital sphere. They are a great way to explain and educate an audience; creating awareness, delivering engagement and influencing the decision-making process.



Finding Talent

Finding and sourcing the best creative video talent can be both labour-intensive and risky.


Producing At Scale

Marketing and communication departments often find producing great live video at scale challenging. It’s a resource and logistically heavy process, which can lead to backlogs and slow turnarounds.


Global Crews

Managing several video crews across multiple locations can be demanding and create quality and timely delivery concerns.



Producing live video across an organisation and geographies presents brand and legal challenges.

Why Choose Wooshii?

We have worked with some of the greatest brands around the globe setting up and running their live video projects which have included events, product launches, interviews, demonstrations, announcements, internal briefings, webinars and much more.

Here at Wooshii we do this by:


Centralised service and communication

Your Wooshii Client Services team and experienced in house Producers will scope and run your video projects, centralise communication, ensure quality and consistency.


Global network of talent

16,000 approved teams of filmmakers, editors, animators, and creative geniuses - all at our fingertips; enabling us to produce world-class content, at the highest quality, anywhere and everywhere.


Local talent with local know-how

Reduces your carbon footprint and provides us with an extensive and reactive resource.


Creative and technical choices

Our global network facilitates extended creative possibilities along with broad and niche technical specialists.


Operational excellence

We deliver all of this through our own proprietary technology - available to all our clients - enabling us to stitch together complex logistics, timelines, budgets and talent and ensure strict budget adherence and transparency.

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