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Exciting video solutions

Wooshii provides exciting video solution for events filming and digital communications. Video is one of the most effective forms of marketing used today. It’s a great way to explain, educate and reach an audience across a multitude of platforms; creating awareness, delivering engagement and influencing decision-making.

Why Choose Wooshii?

Wooshii provides event management and hospitality clients with an enriched and commercially exciting video solution for events filming and digital communications. The events industry is being revolutionized as a direct result of social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, Wooshii offers event organisers a unique set of tools to facilitate and deliver world-class, video-first digital events.

Wooshii provides you with ...


Video Logistics

Wooshii removes the need for your teams to manage video logistics and content providers. Leaving your team free to focus on managing guests, selling tickets or operations. Your Wooshii team can cover all other event production including;

  • Stage Coverage
  • Roaming Camera Support
  • Vox pop Capture
  • Interviews
  • Live Stream
  • Live Edits

Commercially super-charged

Wooshii can work with you to deliver new sources of revenue to your business on a shared success basis.



Events provide opportunities to drive further value to your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors by offering video services and production packages.

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