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Wooshii is a global leader in video operations. We partner with you and augment your marketing and communication teams to ultimately build your true global video department. Wooshii is built on three pillars that enable us to deliver quality videos at scale:

  1. .01A global talent network
  2. .02Central control for your peace of mind
  3. .03Technology to connect all the pieces

Global Talent

The Wooshii network provides us with over 13,000 creative, production and animation teams around the world.

Our global creative network Our global creative network Decoration Decoration

We use this network to control costs, increase capacity and reduce production times whilst also giving you a truly global production workforce.

The network also provides a ton of talent. We have recruited thousands of world class freelancers and production houses covering every style and format.

Photo of our Lithuania Office

Centralised Control

Whilst our network provides you with scale our production and account teams give you centralised control.


.01 Dedicated Managers

Dedicated Managers

Your dedicated production and account managers will come to know you’re business inside out. They are there to augment your own teams and to manage all your video projects to ensure on time, on budget productions whilst ensuring quality output and adherence to any legal or brand stipulations.


.02 Video Experts

Video Experts

At your Wooshii Account Managers disposal are our central Creative, Strategy & Planning teams. These teams can be brought on to projects that require strategic, tactical or creative input. They can help you design distribution plans or dream up that next series of ads.

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Wooshii's proprietary platform helps scale the video production process.

Our Proprietary Platform Our Proprietary Platform

Production is still very reliant on people. People to hold cameras, tell stories, work scripts, edit sound and dress sets. People make scaling video production a hard problem.

Wooshii has built technology that helps you and our teams scale out production. Our proprietary video platform allows for quick feedback on the go, real time communication, lightning file sharing and much more.

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