YouTube Vertical Video Ads

September 26th 2018 By Fergus Dyer-Smith

Youtube announced recently that it is letting brands serve bespoke vertical creative within its ad network.

YouTube says over 70% of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices and it matches the stats that we see with many of our customers. Now YouTube is allowing advertisers to create ads that take full advantage of the new YouTube player and of course the screens of its viewers.

Some of the key elements are;

  • A vertical video will appear larger than a landscape video, covering 75% of the screen.
  • If a user then clicks the fullscreen button, the video will cover 100% of the screen when the device is held in portrait mode.
  • When it comes to vertical videos, YouTube advises advertisers to avoid core messaging in the top 10% and bottom 25% of the video. Those are the areas most frequently cropped.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the device of choice. Thinking about how our audience interacts with these devices and then creating ads to fit is becoming ever easier. It also means that we need to increasingly consider all the formats, (classic, square, verticle) when building our campaigns.

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