We Love Christmas Ads: Here’s Why

December 10th 2019

We’ve reached the month of the year where the fun, the games and the amount of eating more than you can handle, has finally arrived. Can you believe it?

It’s the time where we get together with our families, have some mulled wine and Christmas chocolates, but the one thing we often talk about during this magical time of the year is if we’ve seen the recent Christmas adverts.

Every year, new trending Christmas adverts are uploaded on YouTube, discussed on social media platforms and media outlets race to their keyboards to let you know about the recent ads broadcasted. But why do we love watching them so much?

According to Psychologist, Caroline Schuster, there is a
reason why we love them.

Adverts are based around nostalgia and our childhood. It’s the perfect combination as it catches everyone’s eye. Although simple, they ring
an emotional bell within ourselves which makes us watch, analyze and share the adverts with people around us.

In fact, many advertisements and marketing agencies work with psychologists to craft the perfect ad resulting in companies such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s to reach up to 39M views.

So this year, we’ve picked some ads that we felt nostalgic about and in the name of Christmas, we wanted to share them with you.

Happy Christmas!

1) Allegro's “Grandpa learning English”

Sometimes, Christmas is about doing something different for someone you love. As cliche as it may sound, it is true. Allegro reminds us of the beautiful bond a grandparent and a grandchild can have by letting grandpa learn English for the grandchild to understand. Even at Christmas, communication is key. 

2) IKEA's “Silence The Critics”

IKEA stepped out of their comfort zone and brought Grime to Christmas. 

By collaborating with D double E, they managed to present his persona and expressions through furniture leaving us with “Budubup-bup” on replay. Grime has been brought to the masses. 

3) Apple's “Make someone’s Christmas special”

Another celebration two generation, but this time we recognize the scenario. With technology being a huge part of the new generation, it seems that we no longer come together. However, Apple reminds us that technology can be used to bring us together and enjoy moments… digitally. 

4) Visa's “Where you shop matters”

Browsing your local independent retailers at Christmas and finding that unique gift is often forgotten with the onslaught of big budget brand adverts. Visa resonates and brings back that love local feeling and sense of community.

5) Tesco's “Delivering Christmas”

Who doesn't love Back to the Future, whether you are an 80s child or have discovered that era via Stranger Things. Tesco have harnessed that nostalgic era with a festive Marty McFly twist.

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