Viewernomics from Google

November 12th 2018 By Fergus Dyer-Smith

The art and science of audience engagement

Views used to be a great way to measure the success of videos; now it's not enough! To succeed you need to think beyond the simple view towards engagement and action.

YouTube has recently created something called "Viewernomics" which, according to Google is "a series of content focused on maximising audience engagement and delivering meaningful results. Viewernomics gathers powerful new data and industry expert voices to cut through the noise, and help marketers take the next step in achieving online video success in new and exciting ways."

The gist of viewernomics is based on a few principles:

  1. Be clever with targeting - don't target people who have no use for your product or service!
  2. Moments, movements and milestones - think of this when you are planning your campaign- what’s happening right now that is already generating a buzz and how can you cash in on it! Holidays, Summer, Voting, Sports etc.
  3. Use Sound! Users who see and HEAR ads experience higher Brand Awareness, Ad Recall, and Consideration than those who only see or only hear ads (Google TrueView Brand Lift studies).
  4. Passion is key - If your consumer feels passionate and connected to your brand they are more likely to engage- know what your audience is passionate about.
  5. Spend Smart: “YouTube allows for experimentation, analysis and iteration at a relatively low cost, while providing granular feedback that can help shape long-term strategy.”

To read the full article and case studies on Viewernomics from Google click here

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