Three Companies Utilising Video Marketing for Better Customer Service

May 3rd 2013

Video marketing may play a strong role in your marketing efforts, but do you utilise it for customer service solutions? There are dozens of companies spread across various industries finding that video is just as useful for solving problems with products or sharing updates with customers, but these three stand out from the crowd.

iRobot Corporation

This company helps customers to keep their Roomba floor vacuums running smoothly with a full library of support videos. Professional technicians demonstrate basic maintenance and simple repairs for common issues in a way that everyone can understand.


Telecommunication issues are frustrating for consumers. AT&T designed a set of troubleshooting videos to help users fix their own problems or narrow down the cause before a technician comes. The one-on-one format makes each customer feel like they are receiving personal assistance, but these videos are pre-recorded.

Sprint PCS

When you’re having an issue with your smart phone, you can turn to the Sprint PCS knowledge base for help. Enter your phone’s model number or name and discover a resource that seamlessly combines videos, articles and images that are all related to your device and the issue you are facing.

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