The Latest Figures On Internet Video Viewers and Views

February 28th 2013

The world of online video changes on a daily basis. One new trend emerges only to be replaced in less than 24 hours by another viral hit. Tracking the figures of total viewers and their watching habits will help you adjust your Internet marketing campaigns. The viewing figures for January 2013 are just coming in and they show that users are embracing video even more than ever as part of their daily routines. Viewing of both meaningful content and video advertising has increased by a surprising amount.

About 180 million users watched videos during the month of January, with a total number of clips viewed estimated at 36 billion. These numbers account for all of the entertaining or educational content viewed on hosts like Youtube. The total number of video ads viewed during the month reached 9 billion at the end, making it a banner time period for many of the world’s largest advertisers.

Unsurprisingly, Google came out on top as the biggest supplier of video content for searchers and viewers alike. They own Youtube, which attracted the attention of 150 million viewers in the 30-day period. Of all the premium channels on the website, Vevo brought in the most attention, with 48 million of those viewers visiting them. Vevo also streamed the highest total number of clips during the time period but lost out in engagement to Machinima. Facebook came in second with the number of total viewers set at 57 million.

In total, over 80% of users around the world viewed at least one online video during January 2013. The average viewing time was set at around 5 minutes, but plenty of viewers watched well over an hour of content during the month. Video ads that received the most views stayed short and to the point, with the majority of them remaining under 30 seconds in length.

However, the time spent viewing advertising clips was still very low compared to the time spent on other content. Viewers only spent about 1% of their time on ads and the rest on more fulfilling content. This means that content with an educational, entertaining or informational slant remains the best bet for marketers looking for real engagement. Spend the bulk of your video marketing budget on useful content and stick only a small fraction of it in more obvious and direct ads.

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