This infographic puts the effect of video into perspective

March 31st 2015

The effect of video and video production has been ever increasing, and video is being used worldwide by companies and individuals alike to promote a product or service. This growing need for videos has resulted in increased engagement statistics for companies that are capitalising on the trend, and the team at One Floor Up have collated this information into a vibrant and detailed infographic. These impressive statistics will only grow as the developing world becomes more connected. The question is, have you capitalised on the effect of video yet?

As you can see, some of these results are quite staggering. If 92% of all mobile online video is being shared, imagine the potential if you used video to market your Android or iOS app. The purchase intent statistic also stands out, and the cost of video is well and truly justified if it brings in a wealth of customers for a business. If you’d like to develop a video for your company that aligns well within your budget, check out our community of video creators at Wooshii to start your journey into effective and affordable video production.

A big thanks to the team at One Floor Up for submitting this informative infographic to us.

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