Seasonal Video Marketing, be jolly about it!

December 12th 2017 By Fergus Dyer-Smith

Spending weeks getting excited about your company's Christmas party is all very well. But how about putting some of your enthusiasm aside to get creative and plan a Holiday video too? It doesn't even need to nibble into your Christmas party's budget - a couple of thousand pounds can go a long way! Come January, the positive impact of your campaign will give you something to smile about.

Here are few tips on how to make the most of your Holiday video.

Create a "seasonal" landing page

Your video's CTA should send viewers to a "seasonal" landing page - an effective and festive way to advertise your services or products and to grab those shoppers' attention in competitive circumstances. Getting attention is half the job done, as people are actually keen to make a purchase.

Use video to promote special offers

New products coming in the New Year? Some exciting news you'd like to shout about? Use a video to reach your audiences in a cheerful way. It doesn't matter whether your products or services are actually seasonal, but using a video to highlight a limited time offer is ace. Detailed studies have revealed that creating a sense of urgency prompts consumers to buy!

Spice up your holiday campaign with a pinch of video

Did you know that using the word “video” in the subject line of an email can increase email open rates by 19% and click through rates by a staggering 65%? Having a creative, funny, or emotion-filled holiday themed video in your newsletter or holiday campaign is a sure way to increase your viewership. For more info on Video Email Marketing, read our full post here.

Boost brand awareness on social media

Use a funny or emotional story to create virality with a highly shareable holiday-themed video. Everyone loves humour and social media is the best place to showcase that skill. Show a more human side to your company, not just a "functional" one.

Just think about it --> 8 Billion video views per day on Facebook alone - Who wouldn't want a slice of that bûche? NB: a holiday video does not have to be purely commercial. How about an internal video to show gratitude to your employees for their hard work, and inspire them for the coming year? You could also take the New Year opportunity to thank your clients for their loyalty and encourage them to get in touch for incentives, etc. And remember, a holiday video is not just for Christmas! There are many "holidays" and local cultural celebrations across different markets throughout the year - many opportunities to surf on the "seasonal" wave. The end of the year festivities are a popular choice, but try and keep it up all year round to remain top of mind!

Below are 2 examples of seasonal videos we have made for our clients. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to see how we can help with your seasonal video.

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