New Video Marketing Tools From YouTube and Facebook

June 27th 2018 By Fergus Dyer-Smith

Cannes often sees the biggest players announce new updates to their platforms. This last week was no exception. I've extracted and summarized some of the biggest updates below.


Video Experiments

This is a new AdWords testing tool that measures the impact of a video based on metrics like,

  • awareness
  • consideration,
  • purchase intent
  • and more

Using the tool you can run segmented experiments on YouTube at no extra cost beyond media investment. Results in as few as three days, (apparently). Beta launches later this month. Video Creative Analytics Linking creative to a campaign's performance has historically been difficult. This new tool promises to make uncovering quantitative creative insights easier. You will be able to link audience segmentation to retention reports. ie Who watched what inside your content.

Later in the year, the tool promises to allow you to mark key points in a video, (such as logos or products) and pull a report that shows these key moments. The Video Creative Analytics holds some interesting opportunities.

Developing new creative, informed by previous behaviour and attention is one of the most obvious.

Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing

Director Mix has been on the cards for a while now. Currently in alpha, lets you create many versions of a base video and set elements to be swappable. Think of it like multi-variant video.

Video Ad Sequencing, also in alpha, lets you tell your brand story over a series of ads set in a specific order. In the past brands may have tried to hack this a little through careful release and retargeting.

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More Interactivity

Facebook announced in that it is giving content creators new tools to make their videos more interactive. This tools include polling for Facebook Live and on-demand video and gamification for Facebook Live.

Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook is also officially launching the Brand Collabs Manager The tool lets creators connect with marketers for possible branded content collaborations.

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