Freelancer survival tips

April 8th 2010

Long time no post! I know I know… no excuses but the truth is the Wooshii community and projects have been growing so fast we are running at 100 mph just to stand still.

So here ya go a quick post to start us off again

Fast company, (possibly the best business magazine with the exception of Wired) have a great little post on Freelancer survival tips.

Our business is run from a whole bunch of remote workers, (in fact our whole model is based on freelance and remote workers). We (the Wooshii team) really live it. We work from 4 different countries 1000’s of miles apart and so far it works really well.

We are all based in Europe so meeting up is a doddle and each person has their own little support network wherever they are based. Plenty of other really great companies work similarly, (37 Signals springs to mind, more on them in another post) but for us not only do we benefit from many of the attributes of remote working but we also get to feel the pain and pleasure that our community of buyers and creatives feel which makes for a better product.

“The first question every employee asks when they find out you work from home is: How do you avoid the distractions of being at home? If no one’s stopping you from wandering into the living room midday to watch Days of Our Lives, what motivates you to work instead?”

I love this question and hear it all the time. You know what… I love what I do more than Days of Our Lives…. a lot more. If TV is a distraction then either you’re doing the wrong thing or get rid of the TV….

Anyway here is the full post

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