EdgeGear Shift | Kickstarter Campaign Videos

November 3rd 2015

The Product

EdgeGear Shift is a startup campaign hoping to revolutionise the sport watch market.

The product is a band that moves the watch face to the optimum position. Nowadays, sport watches provide torrents of information and metrics on performance. Pace, distance travelled, burnt calories and even your heart rate can all be monitored. Sportsmen and women need quick access to these stats with no arm rotation to track their progress on the go.

The product’s designers asked the question: ‘Why are our valuable sport watch stats not in our natural line of sight?’ Their response was to create a product that changes how we wear sport watches.

‘Today’s watches deliver a torrent of information in ways we never could have imagined, so why do we wear them the same way we always have? To break 100 years of tradition, we needed to think differently, break the status quo and change the face of time.’

James Gilmore, Co-Founder, EdgeGear

The Video

Wooshii was tasked with creating a promotional video for EdgeGear Shift’s kickstarter campaign. Videos for kickstarter campaigns need to find the balance between connecting with the viewer and promoting the product.

‘Kickstarter videos are a hybrid of testimonials and product launches. We found the right balance by working with EdgeGear to produce a great script and a fluent narrative.’

Nicholas Nealon, Production Manager, Wooshii

Wooshii’s dedicated project managers established the most effective narrative for EdgeGear Shift to be displayed. An inventive technique used was a blueprint style. This clever animation style presents the idea of a drawing board, implying creativity and innovation with regards to the new product.

A voiceover narrates the blueprint before it cuts to interviews with the EdgeGear Shift inventors. These interviews were filmed in San Diego, USA and Oslo, Norway respectively. The action footage was all shot in the north of England. For a start-up company, this would normally present an issue of finding camera crews available in all locations. EdgeGear, however, used their single point of contact at Wooshii to tap into our global network of 11,000+ videomakers. Camera crews were quickly available in all locations, easing the pressure on EdgeGear Shift to independently source creators.

The Results

In just 5 days, the kickstarter campaign raised over half of its intended target of $45,000. Video is a proven method for online advertising. Following a general consumer shift towards mobile, video is fast becoming the most effective platform through which to communicate with consumers. EdgeGear Shift’s campaign, fronted by our video, has successfully earned investment from over 450 backers (at time of writing), and promoted the product to an international audience.

Take a look at the progress of the EdgeGear kickstarter campaign here.

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