Content on a Shoestring: Taming Your Video Budget

September 20th 2013

Online video creation is a must-have in just about any marketing campaign today. With billions of users visiting popular video hosting websites and living on their mobile devices, you’ve got to make enough content to keep your brand relevant. Even with the decline in technology costs, it’s still easy to spend far too much on your content creation to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. Get your budget under control by learning a few simple tricks. 

Divide and Conquer 

Split up your content needs into three categories so you can decide how to allocate your money and resources for maximum content production. Each category represents a different level of investment and you can assign a dollar amount to each one so you know how many videos you can make. 

Your showpiece video category is for content that you need to spend the most on. These are the videos you’ll prominently feature on your website or use at live shows. Your showpiece entries should have a high production quality and will cost the most.

The analysis category is your next tier. This type of content offers deeper insight into your brand and is for those already interested. You’ll spend less on these than your showpieces, but more than on your working content.

Your working videos are the content designed to explain products, your brand or offers to viewers. You may upload many of these videos to Youtube and other social media websites. You can usually spend the least on these videos, as live interviews and other content types with low production costs will fill this need.

Try Something New 

You don’t always have to use live subjects or visit a physical location to make content. Try animation or slideshows, done right from your computer, to add to your content output without drawing from your bottom line.

Find Opportunities

Sometimes, all you need to do is grab a camera. Learn to recognize filming opportunities that are naturally presenting themselves. For example, if your best agent is giving a marketing pep talk at the office, you might want to get some of it on video for use later. As long as you get written consent from whoever you’re filming before you upload, you can use free opportunities to make quality content for your viewers. Even your camera-shy staff members may change their minds after they see themselves in action.

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