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November 26th 2009

So folks I was just about to post a great blog on avoiding Group Think when my colleagues shouted. “STOP, hey Fergus we need to get our users views on some groovy changes”.

So here we go. We are proposing to change the Wooshii system in a number of ways and would love your feedback before we rush headlong into something that you might not want. So here they are. If you could leave any of your comments below, (or you can email me

One change has already occured. You may notice that views have started going a little haywire and that some users have shot to the top. Thats is becuase we have started including YouTube views (of videos you have created) in your view total. Soon we will look to include views from other sites too. In order to continue to recognise active Wooshii members we will also be ranking users by Wooshii activity.

So in the words of David Bowie here are our proposed Chu chu chu chu changes!

We are to build the community element of Wooshii a little more this will include

1. A forum – A place where our users can interact with each other through a system other than profile comments

2. Weekly themed competitions – i.e. this week upload a thanksgiving related viral – most viewed wins a Turkey !

3. To make the profiles list and uploaded videos more searchable and sortable

4. To class virals around views (i.e. hotting up, peaked, just starting etc)

5. To slightly alter the layout – removing some not so frequently used buttons (such as About ) to the footer

6. Displaying a user’s Facebook and Twitter account on their profile so you can big them up

7. To include some leader boards – Profile with most views, most active etc

8. Pro-users – we are to start promoiting our top users to agencies and brands directly. We shall start giving users star ratings based on views and activity. We thought no stars to 3 stars. The most active and highly viewed users will be promoted to our advertsing agencies and friends. [Check out soon a report we are sponsoring on the Top 200 Unsung Creatives]

Your thoughts appreciated

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