Essential Video Insights - 23 March 2021

March 25th 2021 By Donovan

Welcome to the fourth edition of our newsletter covering trends, developments and creative excellence in video. We’re thrilled to tell you that from here on in, Wooshii will be rebranding as Fishii to reflect our move out of video and into the aquarium sound system market.

Wait! Of course, we’re not doing any of that. Wooshii we remain. We wouldn’t dream of pivoting away from the exciting, booming world of video. The jest was just an early April Fools’ Day appetiser and to further get you in the mood for next week, we share some classic prank videos from big brands. That’s in addition to a news digest, a case study and inspiring examples of video creativity and technical skill.

It would be foolish not to read on.


Australian video ad market enjoys 41% YOY growth in Q4 of 2020

The Attitudes to Digital Video Report from IAB Australia reveals that video investment is significantly outpacing the rest of the ad market, a pattern set to continue throughout 2021. Over the calendar year 2020, digital video advertising investment in Australia grew 17% to more than $1.9billion. Other interesting findings from the report include:

  • Reaching audiences at scale was identified as the number one reason why 59% of agencies continue to use or recommend digital video advertising 
  • 81% of agencies reported using digital video for increasing brand awareness. Digital video advertising is also used by agencies to increase purchase/action intent (61%) and increase sales or conversions (47%)
  • 78% of agencies using video advertising for increasing sales or conversions were satisfied with their campaign results

“The findings of this study further underscore the importance of video as a central part of marketers’ omnichannel advertising strategies,” said James Young, co-chair of IAB Australia’s Video Council. “No other advertising medium is more effective for brand building and mass awareness". [Source: MediaWeek]

Consumers more likely to buy when ads are contextually relevant

Research from the Channel Factory indicated consumers have a greater propensity to buy when video advertising is relevant to the content they are watching. 73% of consumers were more likely to buy from brands with advertising that is relevant to the content they viewed on YouTube. Additionally, the research found that more than half of consumers have a negative opinion of brands whose ads appear with content made by creators whose social values they disagree with. [Source: Videoweek]

Hong Kong advertisers expect an overall budget decrease, but online spend will rise

A survey conducted by Nielsen and the Hong Kong Advertising Association found that almost half (44%) of advertisers expect a decrease in ad budget in 2021. But while overall ad budgets were expected to fall by 6% this year, mainly attributed to an anticipated 15% budget cut for offline advertising, budgets for online advertising are set to increase by 4% amid greater optimism about Hong Kong's economy. Video advertising now accounts for 9.4% of ad spend and is one of the main planks of online marketing communications, together with display advertising and paid social. [Source: Marketing Interactive]

YouTube brings its TikTok competitor to the US

Six months after debuting a beta version in India, YouTube has started a gradual US rollout of its short-form video experience rival to TikTok. Creators can use YouTube Shorts to shoot videos of 15 seconds or less, string multiple video clips together, record with music, control speed settings and record hands-free. YouTube has already introduced a row to its homepage especially for Shorts and has launched a watch experience that enables viewers to swipe vertically between videos. It is also testing the addition of a ‘Shorts’ tab on mobile and exploring ways it can integrate Shorts into the wider YouTube experience, by for instance making it easy to find a full song after hearing a snippet of it on Shorts.

[Source: MobileMarketing]


Pumping up the power of water for a flood of YouTube views

ChemTreat, experts in industrial water treatment, needed a creative videography partner to showcase the expertise of its people and the capabilities of its proprietary software package CTVista+ which helps customers make real-time, data-driven decisions. Wooshii was selected because of our ability to film in any location with ease while remaining COVID compliant. Not only did we film world-class footage at ChemTreat’s head office and lab but we also used a 3D animator from the Wooshii Creators Network to explain the benefits of a complex product with clarity and simplicity through customer-friendly animation. We sent out microphone kits to six different employees and coordinated their VO recordings. The result: three different videos, which to date have achieved over 600,000 YouTube views. 

View the case study here


Thanks for the pranks 

April Fools’ Day is almost upon us and some genuinely amusing hoaxes would be most welcome. Doubtless, some big brands will get in on the action and they’ll most likely use video as the medium for their pranking. Have fun spotting 2021’s forays into light-hearted deception. To get you in the mood, here’s a reminder of some enjoyable fooling from Aprils past. Like when McDonald’s pretended it was launching milkshake sauce pots for people who like to dip their fries into their milkshakes. Gross! Or when Virgin Atlantic produced a video in which Sir Richard Branson enthused about the development of a new “flap energy” technology – yes, generating extra power in flight through aircraft wings that flap like a bird’s. Best stock up on sickbags for the cabin. Or what about the barking mad idea of Google Play for Pets to keep animal companions occupied while owners are at work: “With multiplayer mode, co-workers can have their pets go nose to nose. And with virtual reality, you’ll even be able to play fetch from your desk”. These and others feature in a nice selection of tomfoolery


Bowled over by one shot? 

A video shot by an FPV drone flying through a Minnesota bowling alley in one take has gone viral. The 90-second clip called Right Up Our Valley was filmed in a single shot, albeit after 10-12 attempts. “I think there’s some scepticism there of it being a true one-take,” said the video’s director Anthony Jaska. “It is a true one-take. There’s no CGI.” Buzzing from the drone's four blades ruled out the use of natural audio, so sound was added in post-production. The filmmakers wanted to remind people of local businesses such as the bowling alley, as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Let your imagination take flight with the Paper Boy

Paper Boy Zoetrope by London-based 3D animator Andras Daniel Ormos, is a beautiful and captivating piece of work inspired by a toy from the Victorian era yet lovingly rendered through cutting edge CG. Enjoy being transported on a wondrous mini-adventure.


Let the experts take the pressure off your shoulders

Video remains a brave new world for many brands that have perhaps dabbled in the medium without it becoming a major part of their marketing mix. It’s understandable that some pressured marketers are put off by all that’s involved, from scripting and production to format considerations, publishing schedules, different audiences and metrics tracking. But Wooshii exists to make your life easier – and to make video work for you.

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