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Essential Video Insights - 8 April 2021

April 8th 2021 By Donovan

The Easter Bunny has done his work for the year and now gets to put his large rabbit feet up, with a nice ‘hoppy’ beer. For the rest of us, whether fuelled by Easter eggs or not, now’s a great time to explore marketing and comms ideas involving video.


Essential Video Insights - 23 March 2021

March 25th 2021 By Donovan

Welcome to the fourth edition of our newsletter covering trends, developments and creative excellence in video. We’re thrilled to tell you that from here on in, Wooshii will be rebranding as Fishii to reflect our move out of video and into the aquarium sound system market.

Wait! Of course, we’re not doing any of that. Wooshii we remain. We wouldn’t dream of pivoting away from the exciting, booming world of video. The jest was just an early April Fools’ Day appetiser and to further get you in the mood for next week, we share some classic prank videos from big brands. That’s in addition to a news digest, a case study and inspiring examples of video creativity and technical skill.


Essential Video Insights - 09 March 2021

March 11th 2021 By Donovan

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter covering trends and developments in video. In keeping with the endless possibilities of the medium, we’re bringing you a diverse range of stories and insights. And all the fun of a rubber frying pan, deceptively lightweight weights and a silent ballbag, although the latter isn’t anywhere near as rude as it sounds.

It’s March and the MetaHumans are on the march, in a canny or uncanny way depending on your point of view. Several social platforms are testing the water with new video ad products. Finally, we touch on the power of great storytelling and why why consumers are crying out for it.


Essential Video Insights - 23 Feb 2021

February 23rd 2021 By Donovan

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter covering trends and developments in video. Before we move on to the cutting edge stuff, did you know that later this year the world – no, make that the universe – will have the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of Gene Roddenberry’s birth?


Essential Video Insights - 9th Feb 2021

February 9th 2021 By Donovan

We’d like to share some news, trends and insights that will give you a clearer picture of what video has to offer. You see, while we’re in love with video, the truth of the matter is we’re much more pragmatic than romantic.


The Perfect Conditions for Video

November 17th 2020 By Donovan

There is a multitude of macroeconomic and behavioural factors that need to come together for video to be an effective medium. Now is the perfect time to scale the video to reach your audiences.


Sector Snapshot: Tech & Telco

October 27th 2020 By Donovan

Most industries are now using video as a key marketing and sales channel. Here we see how the Technology and Telecommunications industry are using it to great effect.


Carry on Filming- Tier 1, 2 or 3 permits production to continue

October 16th 2020 By Donovan

The Government has announced that from tomorrow London is subject to Tier 2 Local Covid Alert Level Very High Restrictions. Tier 2 only has one additional restriction to Tier 1: households cannot mix indoors.


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